My name is Manuel Cappel. I was born in West Germany but was raised and have lived most of my life on the Toronto Islands.

As a Toronto Islander, I’m interested in bicycle culture and finding ways to improve the downtown urban commuting scene using human-powered transit.

Another fascination of mine is boats. I’m a member of two yacht clubs here and you can often find me cruising through Toronto’s harbour or the canals and lagoons of our archipelago.

A further passion of mine is lighthouses—wonderful, whimsical, architectural anachronisms, lovely to behold and explore. I am currently the volunteer keeper of the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse on Toronto Island and spend a fair amount of time exploring and documenting the lighthouses of Georgian Bay.

In addition to all of the above; I have recently purchased a vintage transit bus and am engaged in its restoration, partly as a sesquicentennial project and partly to satisfy my transit history urge.

Welcome to my website.